Pyro Mobile

Imperial Glory

Genre: Strategy

Release Date: 2005

Age rating PEGI 16+

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  • GOG


In a time characterized by disorder as it was the case in the beginning of the 19th century, the fight for the leadership of the modern world begins. You will have to fight for the dominion of the world backed by the military and get through numerous battle scenes.You must be in the vanguard of modernity or your civilization will be left behind.

Key features

  • Be the leader of one of the greatest empires during international conflict at the dawn of the contemporary era and run the economy supported by the military and diplomats.
  • Choose between governing like a tyrant or a constitutional monarch.
  • You can use hussars, lancers and dragons in more than 50 battle maps, varying green fields in England over the cold Russian steppes to the vast Moroccan deserts using impressive 3D graphics.
  • Fight for the control in breathtaking real time sea battles.