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Pyro is a well known name in the world of videogames. We’ve been around for some time and have never stopped working on turning our ideas into fun and quality games.. Some of them received the utmost credit worldwide: Commandos was elected one of the 10 most important European games of history. Here at Pyro Mobile, we have applied all our experience in order to take all the fun to the players’ smartphones and tablets.

+15 years giving life to new games.
+30 million players have enjoyed playing our games.
+100 games for mobile devices, consoles and PC.

What would you like to play?

Our games

We work our fingers to the bone in each and every one of our games. Strategy and adventure games, games to play online with other players, for casual players… We have worked for every platform, any type or style. We are curious and fun-seeking people. That’s why our range of games offers something for any kind of player.

All audiences

We develop games for any player profile: Accessible and easy to understand, yet offering a more powerful and demanding experience for more dedicated and passionate players.

All platforms

Our range of games covers PC, consoles, mobile phones, social networks...More recently, however, we have mainly been focusing on providing the best gaming experience for smartphones and tablets.

All the experience

Our team can look back on a great variety of careers in the videogames industry. We are experienced, we have the savoir-faire and we know how to make a go of fun games.

Super Soccer Club

Lead your team's destiny

In Super Soccer Club the player runs their own football club, determining the team's strategy for the matches, hiring new players and managing a prospering sports city. It’s an all-rounder game which even keeps the more demanding players happy.

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Evolution Planet

Simply fun

Evolution Planet is a new and original approach to creating a fresh "match 3" puzzle game. It’s a simple yet highly addictive game, perfect for any player who just wants to have some fun playing wherever and whenever they like.

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More than 100 games

Our long path in the world of videogames has been crowned with success, thanks to internationally renowned games such as Commandos, Imperial Glory andPraetorians. Those who know our story know that we were a company of reference in the market for PC games and console games. When smartphones and tablets turned out to be fit for playing, we were there too. There was a time for social network games and for massive multiplayers… And now it’s time for the story to go on.

Every idea needs…

…dedication and sacrifice…

… to make it come true.

The process

The world of videogames is a world in which art meets technology, expression meets skills and chaos meets order. It is a most peculiar place where no distinction is being made between creator and spectator: Everyone takes part in the final result. Subtleness is of the essence in order to create this kind of environment which is usually accompanied by unexpected results.

This is why, whatever the scale of the project, producing a videogame is a labour-intensive and complex process in which the participation of experts of many different fields is required.

In Pyro Mobile we have been developing videogames for a long time and one thing is for certain: Our work process is flexible and adapts to whichever the requirements of the project or circumstances of the game that is being developed. We all know that everything can change from one moment to another, and that the most brilliant ideas always come when you least expect them. Sometimes you just need a change of perspective. This is why there are certain things we try to always include in the process: Open-mindedness, flexibility, active participation, straightforwardness...

A video game development team is the perfect example of multidisciplinary collaboration: programmers, artists, designers, testers, marketing specialists … People from different backgrounds who must have a common goal. They all must be driven by the same idea, aim at a clearly-set objective, and do so in a harmonic way, just as if they were performing in an orchestra. The metaphor is well suited: the melody sounds much better all instruments are finely tuned. It is a lengthy process in which, bit by bit, results that were undreamt of in the beginning can be achieved.

However, the process doesn’t finish with the game being launched onto the market. On the contrary: Once the players put their hands on it, a new phase begins. From now on, it is thanks to their experience that the game keeps developing and growing.


Get to know the team

Our versatile team is made up by young, yet very experienced people. Among our artists, programmers and designers you are quite likely to find some of the greatest talents in the sector. It goes without saying that we all are passionate about videogames, but you can probably tell by what we do.